Fill The Bucket Campaign

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Thanks to our amazing Fill The Bucket donors, we have been able to conduct Random Acts of Kindness around our local community!  You can get your sign or gift a sign at

Want to help us execute more Random Acts of Kindness around our local community?  Donate at and comment as #FillTheBucket when donating heart



Lunch provided to environmental staffs at local area hospitals

Thanks to our amazing donors, we provided lunch to over 120 environmental services staff at UHS-Wilson HospitalUHS Binghamton General HospitalLourdes Hospital.  Of course we wanted to #SupportLocal for the lunch choices. A huge thank you to Food & FireAlexander’s Cafe, and Nezuntoz Cafe!



Ice Cream provided to Binghamton Fire & Binghamton Police Departments

Thank you to all of our #FillTheBucket contributors! We used our #FillTheBucket funds to carry out our 2nd Random Act of Kindness, serving ice cream to Binghamton’s first responders.  Big shout out to The Cone Connection for serving their amazing ice creamicecream



Coolers purchased for Broome County Meals on Wheels

We visited Broome County Government Meals-On-Wheels to deliver a few coolers we purchased with our #FillTheBucket funds!

The amount of meals they deliver daily has significantly gone up during this pandemic. We loved seeing all of their volunteers and learning about the wonderful work they do! heart