Who We Are

We are residents of the Greater Binghamton Area…moms, families, people looking for ways to help our fellow community members during this unprecedented time in our lives. A time when we could all use a little more help and a lot more smiles! Then one day while flipping through news stations we came across NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s Press conference. He was highlighting different stories that ordinary New Jerseyans have undertaken to help get them through these extraordinary times. That is when he mentioned how Georgetown University freshman Liam Marshall is selling yard signs to thank frontline healthcare workers and donating the proceeds to Feed The Frontline. We thought, let’s do this right where we live, where we spend our time together, at our homes, our front yards…and let’s show our gratitude to all essential workers!

Felicia, Stacey & Jody

Project Gratitude 2020 was created by three Binghamton Area families wanting to send their gratitude to all essential workers, specifically in their local area. These three families live and work in the Southern Tier. All of their young children go to school in the local districts. They have strong roots and ties to this area and want to help, give back, bring smiles, get through this all together, while being separate. They really connected with this idea of the Thank You Yard Signs because they can still deliver a smile while staying socially distant. Neighbors can walk or drive by and see the Thank You Yard Sign and feel a moment of gratitude to all essential workers as well. They are now donating to Meals on Wheels of Western Broome. All proceeds from sign donations will now go to help provide meals to older adults, those recovering from illness, and people with disabilities. Meals on Wheels can provide meals to a senior for one month for approximately $175! They chose to concentrate their initial efforts on hunger and food shortages locally by donating $5,000 to The Food Bank of the Southern Tier. They have also added a “Fill the Bucket” donation option. This is for any donation amount above the $20 Thank You Yard Sign purchase. These monies will directly benefit other organizations in the Greater Binghamton Community in need. They will also be used for Random Acts of Kindness for essential workers. Keep following Project Gratitude 2020 for updates and stories from the project.

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